Gmax - Audio

This is a digital audio analog converter, which can transfer digital audio (optical/coaxial) to two channels analog audio and output (but using directly on headphone is not recommended), just suitable for using together with the devices such as digital television, CD/DVD/Blue-ray player etc., Which with coaxial or optical digital signal output




  • E01 is one kind of desk-top headphone Amplifiers, whose main chip adopts TI audio professional IC, with the advantage of low noise and distortion. Users can choose the volume that suitable for themselves. High-current output can easily drive various headphones with different impedance. All of these things can make you easily enjoy the high quality and high sense of presence music.

  • Package Content:

  • ・1× Main unit
    ・1× USB Cable
    ・1× 15V/DC, 2 A Power Supply
    ・1× User Manual